Relax.  Release.  Let it go.

Relax & Breathe

lessen your stress

Restorative Yoga

rest & relax

Power Yoga


Adaptive Yoga


Summer Solstice

sun rise salutations
  • Who: anyone who feels stressed
  • What: clear your mind and learn how to relax
  • When: Tues 7:30pm
  • Taught by: Dorota
  • Who: everyone deserves this treat
  • What: prepare for the week ahead
  • When: Sunday, May 31st 4:30pm
  • Taught by: Janeen
  • Who: you
  • What: hot yoga
  • When: Sundays 9:00am
  • Taught by: April
  • Who: stiff bodies
  • What: yoga with props
  • When: Wednesdays 8:00am
  • Taught by: Hillery
  • Who: everyone
  • What: sun salutations w/ the sun
  • When: Sunday, June 21
  • Taught by: Britt


Memorial Day Weekend Schedule –

Weekend Schedule

Saturday: 8:00 am TRX 9:15 am Yoga all levels

Sunday: 10:30 am Yoga community class ($5)!

Monday: 9:00 am Yoga all levels express

Click “HERE” for the live schedule


Schedule for Friday, May 15 - Sunday, May 17 –

Moondog is hosting the Himalayan Institute’s national Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist training this weekend. There will be a modified schedule. It is as follows:

Friday, May 15: NO Classes

Saturday, May 16: 8:00 am TRX

9:15 am All Levels Yoga - Cancelled

Sunday, May 17:
8:00 am All Levels Yoga (only class)

click here for live schedule


Happy Easter! –

There are no classes today.


Easter Weekend Schedule –

Friday, April 3: 9:30 am Gentle Yoga

Saturday, April 4: 8:00 am Power Yoga, 9:15 am All Levels Yoga

Sunday, April 5: Closed

Monday, April 6: 9:30 am All Levels Yoga, 6:15 pm Kettle Bell, 7:15 pm Yoga Basics


Sunday April 5 –

Moondog will be closed

enjoy your day!


Story Time & Yoga postponed –

Quakertown Schools have called an early dismissal for today. Story Time & Yoga will be postponed until next week.


Sneak Peek at the Spring schedule –

Click HERE to see the new schedule which starts 3/29


Friday, March 5 –

Yes, yes another 2 hour delay. SO yes…yes we have cancelled our morning class

15 more days, 15 more days


What they're saying

We just got home, and it was such a fun time! Jamie was amazing and organized a great event for the kids, and I was so appreciative of her efforts. The kids had an absolute blast! Everything was just perfect…I’m so glad we decided to explore the idea of a yoga ( birthday) party! Thanks again!
– Carla McCambridge

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