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Altered, Elder & Able

breath & movement

Community Class



cross fit inspired

Morning Express

rise & shine

Yoga Basics

  • Who: stiff bodies
  • What: supportive and safe
  • When: W 10:00 am
  • Taught by: Hillery
  • Who: any “body”
  • What: all level practitioners
  • When: Th 9:30 am
  • Taught by: Staff
  • Who: any one who thinks “baby it’s cold outside”
  • What: Crossfit training at a reasonable price
  • When: 1 st & 3rd Sundays 9:00am
  • Taught by: Kelly
  • Who: early risers
  • What: all levels yoga
  • When: M 7:00am
  • Taught by: Jamie
  • Who: learn the basics or refresh your practice
  • What: just the basics…ma’am
  • When: Mon 7:15pm
  • Taught by: Andrea


Boot Camp for Friday January 30 –

Boot Camp for Friday, January 30 is cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience.

You can join us Saturday 8 am or Sunday at 9 am for a great work out!


Tuesday, January 27 –

Our night classes are on!

6 pm Vinyasa Flow

7:30 Yin Yoga

Come on in and reset your body & mind


Tuesday, January 27 –

Our morning classes are cancelled. Stretch & Pray at 7 am and All Levels Yoga at 9:30 am.


Monday, January 26 –

Here we snow!

There are no classes today.

Be Safe. Be Warm. Remember engage that core when shoveling snow; your back will thank you!


Saturday, January 24 –

Looks like you will get your work out this morning by shoveling!

Moondog’s 8am TRX class and 9:15 am All Levels Yoga class are cancelled

All is not lost my friends! You can warm up your body, stretch out those muscle, and zen your mind with our 11 am Warm Yoga class. Yes. it’s still on!

please check back before heading to the studio …just in case


Thursday, January 22 –

Hey kinda knew this was coming. QCSD has a 2 hour delay for Thursday, Jan 22.

Yup, you guessed it! Moonodg’s morning classes are cancelled. We anticipate all other classes will be happening.


Wednesday, January 21  –

QCSD has cancelled evening activities. Therefore, Moondog’s evening classes are cancelled.

Please be Safe …and stay Warm


Sunday, Jan 18 –

Baby it’s Icy outside! No morning classes today.

We will have our 4:30 pm All Levels Yoga Community Class only $5…Come get your yoga on!


What they're saying

The teacher is wonderful and the community is very supportive. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is pregnant for the relaxation and the physical benefits.
– Amy B.

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