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Morning Express Yoga

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  • Who: those new to yoga or wanting a refrehser
  • What: the fundamentals
  • When: Monday June 23
  • Taught by: Andrea
  • Who: evening class students
  • What: all level practitioners
  • When: Th 7:15 pm
  • Taught by: Jill
  • Who: learn the basics or refresh your practice
  • What: just the’am
  • When: Mondays 7:15pm
  • Taught by: Janeen
  • Who: why not you?
  • What: you never know
  • When: Wed 7:15 pm
  • Taught by: June
  • Who: the early bird
  • What: catches the worm
  • When: Wed 8:00am
  • Taught by: Dorota


Our Fitness Chicks are taking some well deserved vacation time –

Tuesday, July 22 & Thursday, July 24 no Boot Camp classes at 6:00 am

Wednesday, July 30 no 6:00 am TRX class


Moondog has a blog! –

Moondog Yoga Studio’s funny, insightful, and informative way of guiding us in finding the “OH-mm” or “o-Hmm” moments in life. Come read, enjoy, learn, and hopefully laugh.

finding your ohm


4th of July Weekend Schedule –

Friday July 4: No Classes

Saturday July 5: 8 am TRX and 9:15 am All Levels Yoga

Sunday July 6: 10:30 am All Levels Yoga


Boot Camp for Tuesday, June 24 –

Boot camp is cancelled for Tuesday, June 24. Karen is helping her sister bring a new baby into the world!


Memorial Day Weekend –

Saturday 5/24 - Classes as usual

Sunday 5/25 - ONLY All Levels Yoga from 10:30am-11:45am

Monday 5/26 - ONLY All Levels Yoga from 9:00am-10:30am

There will be NO other classes on Sunday and Monday


Update to Moondog’s Policies –

As of May 1st our policies regarding workshops will change to require full payment at registration and at least 24 hours notice for a refund. Please click here to view our updated Studio Policies.


What they're saying

It’s ironic to me that for the 1 1/2 hours that I am at Prenatal Yoga, is the only time in my week where I feel like a normal person again
– Jackie

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